Meet Our Creative Team

  • two pictures of Barabara Dayes

    Barbara Dayes

    Principal Photographer

    Barbara Dayes has been a full-time photographer in the northern Nevada since 2017 and is the owner of Treasured Days Photography, located in Reno-Sparks. Since participating in a photography retreat-workshop in 2001, she has become a locally active and accomplished photographer, and has received a number of awards for her work. Her education and background include journalism and English literature, which ultimately led to photography as a means toward both her exploration of art and storytelling. While teaching through the local school district, she also built an impactful teen photography club.

    For the past several years, Barbara has been an active member of Paws4Love, Reno—the largest local therapy-dog organization in northern Nevada. Barbara also participates in Truckee Meadows Community College’s Special Topics, a local mix of developing artists, local gallery artists, and artist activists. When not exploring personal projects at TMCC, Barbara shoots custom, on-site portraits of families, pets, and special events, including wedding and anniversary celebrations, dog competition events, maternity portrait sessions, and new baby arrival sessions.

  • Two pictures of Jeanne Loo

    Jeanne Loo

    Chief Editor / Project Coordinator

    Jeanne has a background as a concert pianist from the Juilliard School in New York and a Master’s degree in creative writing. She applies her writing skills as an editor and writing coach for doctoral students at Walden University and the University of Arizona Global Campus.

    Jeanne loves performing on stage; in addition to playing the piano in concerts in her teens and 20s, over the last three decades she has studied ballet, modern dance, jazz, and ballroom dancing as a hobby, and has also been competing in beauty pageants, where she has won pageant titles and been recognized for her work with therapy dogs. Jeanne has raised mini dachshunds for the past 15 years.

  • Two pictures of Don Taylor Atkinson

    Don Taylor Atkinson

    Editor / Graphic Designer

    Don is a graphic designer, writer and photographer who gained valuable years of media experience in the fast-paced advertising industry of Los Angeles. He holds degrees in Communications and Equine Science and has received specialized technical education from the New York Institute of Photography. A fourth-generation typographer, Don eventually expanded his career reach into ad photography and commercial design, where he created a variety of advertising and marketing pieces that have appeared in mainstream print media, publishing, and digital internet campaigns. His work can be found everywhere from magazine features and musical artist branding to product packaging, publication design, and indie studio film promotions.

    Don currently serves as both Creative Director for southern California-based Melrose Image Group, and as a principal partner of CyberGenesis Media Design. Don is a lifelong animal welfare advocate and has done considerable pro bono work for a variety of animal rights organizations, including the ASPCA, and local and global animal welfare groups.